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Breyer Stablemates

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Breyer Stablemate Horses




Quarter Horse

American Spotted Draft Horse






Sport Horse

Horse Crazy - Frosted Green

Horse Crazy - Frosted Pink

Horse Crazy - Pink

Horse Crazy - Purple

Horse Crazy - Frosted Purple

Horse Crazy - Frosted Blue

American Quarter Horse and Foal

Appaloosa Horse and Foal

Pinto horse and Foal

Sport Horse and Foal

Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 4

Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 5

Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 6

Polka Dot Parade

Included are: bay blanket, chestnut snowcap, varnish roan, and black leopard.

Show Stoppers

Includes a grey mare, red roan mare, buckskin pinto foal, bay foal, and a blue roan foal. 




Horse Lover's Collection

Shadow Box Set




Horse Crazy Gift Set