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Classic Accessories



Chelsea - Show Jumper

Included with Chelsea is an English saddle, bridle, and saddle pad

Horse not included

Abigail - English Rider

Included with Abigail is an English saddle, bridle, and saddle pad

Horse Not Included


Kaitlyn Cowgirl

Included with Kaitlyn is a Western saddle, bridle, and saddle pad

Horse not included




English Rider Set


Western Rider Set


Pet Sitter Set

What could be better than having a job you really love? This girl is lucky enough to babysit a cute black and white pinto foal and her Beagle and cat friends. Caring for these animals takes a responsible person, but she is up the job with your help! The set includes a 1:12 scale foal, 6" articulated and fully clothed doll, Beagle dog, cat, foal blanket, water bowl, brush and ball.

Pony Care Set

This pony is in good hands with his human friend! This set comes with everything one needs to take care of their horse. Includes 6" fully clothed articulated doll, bay appaloosa pony, blanket, bucket, brush, spray bottle, tack box, and a soft 'food' bag.


Pet Groomer Set


Best Friends Set


Vet Care Set






Barrel Racing Set

Set includes Palomino Paint horse, barrel, Fencing, tooled Western saddle with silver detailing, bridle, and saddle pad






Horse Corral

Set contains 10 sections of 7" brown fencing that can be put together create an enclosure 22" in diameter

Barn, Horses & Accessories not included


Stable Feeding Accessories

Includes: water trough, feedbag, bag of feed, bucket, scoop, hay bale, grooming tote and curry comb.

Barn, doll & horse not included


Stable Cleaning Accessories

Includes: wheelbarrow, muck bucket, shovel, rake, pitchfork, hay bale and imitation horse manure.

Barn, doll & horse not included


Classics Country Stable w/Wash Stall

This brand new Classics stable is loaded with fun features, and you will love how easy this stable is to assemble - just snap it together!
-Built-in slide-out wash stall with swinging hose!
-Roof swings open on either side for additional access to stalls and loft, which has a moveable ladder
-Two roomy stalls with doors that open and close
-Four fencing sections create an attached paddock behind the barn, or can be used independently to create an enclosure
-Stable features attached saddle racks and bridle hooks for tack storage

Classics 3-Horse Stable

Adorable, easy-to-assemble 3-stall barn is the perfect place for kids to stable their Classics horses. Features pink roof and windows and doors that swing open and closed. Includes blue-and-white plank jump.

(horses and Cruiser not included)

Horse Cruiser

Horse Cruiser Features:

  • Two (2) horse stalls with planked floors with storage for supplies underneath the floor
  • A tailgate that drops down to a loading plank
  • Roof that opens for additional access to the trailer area
  • A fold-out awning for shade
  • Troughs that snap in for feeding
  • Hooks that fit on the window ledges for hanging tack and other equipment
  • Two (2) front seats with seat belts that snap closed for safety that swivel in two directions and have storage pouches
  • A steering wheel that slides from left to right for international trips and a 3 position license plate
  • Visors to block the sun, pull-down steps and adjustable side mirrors
  • A rear seat that slides forward and forms a bed
  • Cup holders and a table that opens!

The roof doubles as an observation deck complete with television screen and an extra fold out table, with a roof compartment that stores a ladder and deck chairs. All that's missing is a horse-loving child to delight in this one-of-a kind vehicle! Horses and dolls not included.

Classics Mobile Vet Clinic

When animals are in need of veterinary care, the Classics Mobile Vet Clinic can be on-site in a snap!
It's packed with fun features for hours of imaginative play:

  • Two horse stalls with storage under the floor
  • Roof doubles as a mobile office with x-ray screen and fold-out table
  • Side bin contains eight pieces of fencing for a corral
  • Roof compartment stores a ladder and a chair
  • Two front seats with seat belts fit 6" dolls, swivel in two directions and have storage pouches
  • License plate has three positions
  • Visors to block the sun, pull-down steps and adjustable side mirrors
  • Fold-out side awning

Wild Blue Book and Model Set

Little Prince Book and Model Set