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Classic Breyer Horses

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Breyer Model Horses -Classic Scale




5th in the Series

A new sculpture by Kathleen Moody! Bella is a dun Appendix Quarter Horse which is the result of breeding a registered American Quarter Horse with a Thoroughbred. The versatile Appendix Quarter Horse is so popular that more than 600,000 are registered with the American Quarter Horse Association! Versatile Bella can be used for English or Western. Limited to 2017 production only.


Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa


Chestnut Appaloosa

Chestnut Quarter Horse


Black Thoroughbred


Buckskin Paint


Grey Selle Francais

Palomino Morgan

Bay Pinto Pony

Grey Arabian

Chestnut Sport Horse

Bay Appaloosa Mustang


Dun Quarter Horse

Palomino Quarter Horse & Foal

Arabian Horse & Foal

Chestnut Arabian Horse & Foal

Fourth in a Series

Starry Night is fourth in a series of Classics decorator model horses. This glossy, celestial blue mare twinkles like the stars above. Her mane and tail glitter with stardust and she has all the constellations of the Milky Way across her sides! If you look closely, you might even see a shooting star! Starry Night is destined to be the star of your stable. 

Rock 'N Roll Forever


Forthwind – Unicorn              

Cutting Horse & Calf


Barrel Racing

Sport Horse Family