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Color 'n Wash Designs

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        Color 'n Wash Shirts

Our line of Color 'n Wash shirts are great gifts or awards for kids of ALL ages!  Each shirt includes a set of 10 Crayola washable markers, just color the shirt wear it  and wash to color another day.  We have simple designs for the younger artists and detailed designs for more of a challenge.

So go ahead...color outside the lines!    


"Color 'N Wash - Hunter/Jumper"




 "Color 'N Wash -Western Pony "



"Color 'N Wash - Best Friends"

Set of two shirts & Markers

One set for for a friend!



"Color 'N Wash - Dressage"


"Color 'N Wash - Carrots"


"Color 'N Wash - Pony"



  "Color 'N Wash - Cowgirls Rock"


 "Color 'N Wash - Saddlebred"


 "Color 'N Wash - Silly Appy"


"Color 'N Wash - Harness Racer"

"Color 'N Wash - I Love My Pony" 


"Color 'N Wash - Lipizzan"