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Discontinued Breyer & Stone Model Horses


The prices for the models on this page are negotiable.  Contact us for additional photos of to make an offer.



Peter Stone Dreamfinder

Dreamfinder was scheduled to be the First Edition Performance Horse but the owners of the real horse withdrew their agreement after about 200 pieces were made. This bay blanket appaloosa portrait is one of those 200 pieces produced in 1998.

Photos do not do this guy justice, his whites are white and he has beautiful shading & dapples! Has lived in his original box and bubble wrap since I purchased him in 1999. Was signed by Peter Stone 11/11/99. Dreamfinder comes with his original box, Certificate from the Stone factory and the '98 Stone Horses catalog.

$350 obo


*Test Run* Peter Stone ISH "Kenny Rogers"

Purchased at the 1999 Massachusetts Equine Affaire, this is a test run of 36. Based on the Paint horse stallion "Kenny Rogers", owned by Ann Cummings this model has a beautiful pearlescent white coloring with chestnut 'medicine hat' and "shield" markings.

Signed by both Peter Stone and Ann Cummings



Gold Charm Secretariat 1990 Tour Model

Beautiful semi gloss gold charm color with narrow stripe, and three socks done on the Secretariat mold. Produced in 1990 as a tribute to secretariat and was available only at Breyer Tour stops in 1990. Model is in excellent condition.

Signed by Peter Stone



Breyer "Silver"

1st Breyer Commemorative Edition limited run of 5000

Excellent condition signed by Peter Stone #3396/5000



Breyer Color Crazy Treasure Hunt Herd Stallion

 Mahogany Bay almost black. Prize for Tresure Hunt 2008. Still MIB



Breyer Bucking Bronco #190

Still has original blue ribbon sticker on right shoulder.  Really nice charcoal black coloring this guy does have some hoof rubs.



Breyer 1999 Commemorative Edition "Chief of Fourmile"

Edition of 10,000

Matte black blanket Appaloosa, includes hang tag and commemorative pin.  Mint in box



Breyer #38 "Speck"

Matte grey blanket Family Arabian Mare Really nice condition



Breyer 420 "Touch of Class"



#932 Bucking Bronco "Dakota"

Palomino with dappling



Sierra Blanco

Sierra Blanco, a beautiful steel grey tobiano Paint horse, 2007 Fall Collector's Choice model and the sixth edition in the series.



Breyer Big Ben

Original hand painted bi-eye version.  Beautiful chestnut coloring.



Breyer "Eros"

1999 USET Festival of Champions model signed by Anne Kursinski.  Only flaw is from factory, stray paint mark on hip from hand painted brand.