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Breyer Stablemate Accessories




Red Stable Set

3-stall barn features a storage area and comes with four corral fences, a jump, water trough and three racing barrels. Two Stablemates horses also included. A Parent's Choice Awards Winner and perennial best seller! Assembly required.


Riding Academy

Whether you want to rope and ride, pirouette, or jump, there's always something new to learn at the Stablemates Riding Academy! Learning in the classroom is fun when it's all about horses, and at test time you'll be asked to get out your horse instead of a number two pencil! Assembly required. Horses and Accessories not included.








Deluxe Animal Hospital

When animals need care, there’s only one place to take them- Breyer’s Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital! This state-of-the-art healing center includes everything that the aspiring veterinarian needs to keep animals – both large and small - healthy and happy. There’s a small animal emergency clinic, a large animal care center with exam rooms and even a grooming center for routine preventative care to keep animals at their peak. With a small paddock, sliding doors and lots of windows to let in plenty of fresh air and sunlight, this is one hospital that animals enjoy visiting. Includes a grey Stablemates Quarter Horse with her black foal, an adorable Sicilian donkey, a cute pygmy goat, a border collie and the hospital’s resident cat! Other accessories include a horse blanket, operating table, and a bandage box. 


Horse Crazy Barn Set


Horse Crazy Truck & Trailer Set

Three horses can ride in style in the gooseneck trailer, with plenty of room for their food and gear! Hinged roof panel allows easy access to the inside. Matching pick-up truck features doors that open and close a drop-down tailgate and rolling wheels!


Truck & Trailer Set

Load up the horses and hit the read with this slant-load gooseneck horse trailer that features hinged roof panels for easy access to a three-stall interior and storage area. Towing is easy with a deluxe pick-up truck that features doors that open and close, a drop-down tailgate and wheels that roll. Note: Horses not included.







Rescue Truck and Trailer Set

Sometimes animals need a little extra help when they get into trouble. Whether it is rescuing Mustangs in the wild, or helping a lost kitten stuck up a tree, the Animal Rescue Truck and Trailer can make a difference! It can safely whisk them back home or to the Animal Hospital for some extra care. This authentically detailed pickup truck and trailer looks just like the real thing! The pickup truck has doors that open and close, a drop-down tailgate and wheels that pivot and roll. The matching gooseneck trailer has hinged roof panels that open for access to the interior animals and supplies. Includes: 1 truck 1 trailer (horses and fencing not included).





Frolicking Foals Pocket Set

Loads of fun in a small package! Open up the barn to play with the two adorable foals, and use the fencing to create a corral. The Pocket Barn has hinged loft doors and sliding front doors, and is easy to take along, making it a great item for travel and on-the-go play!



Horse Crazy Pocket Barn

This pretty play set comes with a colorful barn, fencing, a palomino foal, and figure. Barn has hinged loft doors and sliding front doors. Fencing, horse and rider fit securely in the barn for on-the-go play!





Show Jumping Set 




Cutting Horse Set







Barrel Racing Set












Horspital Play Set

This mare and her foal need a little TLC, and are in great hands at the Stablemates Horspital! After they are seen by the vet, Mom and baby can relax inside their fenced enclosure, enjoying fresh hay and water. Includes: mare and foal, foal blanket, fencing, water trough, hay bale, bucket and bandage box.

New Arrival Play Set

What could be more precious than a mare and her new foal! Resting comfortably in their fenced enclosure, this pair can get to know each other better. Includes: mare and foal, fencing, tack trunk, hay manger, feed bag, and bucket.




Country Fair Wagon Set

Hook up your palomino horse to the buckboard wagon and head to the Breyer Country Fair. Enter your prized bunny, pig, chicken, and goat in the local competitions, and come home with a blue ribbon! This set also includes a wagon, harness, Stablemates palomino horse, and fencing.

 Tractor Play Set


Breyer Acres

There's much work to be done to keep a farm running, and the right tools make the job fun! Help the farmer deliver feed to the animals, keep the farm neat and tidy, and make repairs. Includes: tractor, articulated farmer, wheelbarrow, fencing, water trough, hay bale, feedbag, bucket, shovel, pitchfork and dirt pan.







Farmyard Friends

A farm isn't complete until it has some animals! Visit the Stablemates Farm, where happy animals love playing in the pasture with their friends! Includes: fencing, cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken and hay manger.





Ranch Friends

C'mon down to the Stablemates Ranch! The pastures are full of friendly animals: a bull and calf, a curious donkey, and a rooster. Also includes fencing, feed bag and water trough.


CollectiBulls Rodeo Set

Take a trip to the rodeo with this fun set! A cowboy rides his well-trained horse, while another rides a bucking bull! Which one will bring home the trophy? Includes: two cowboys, horse with saddle and bridle, bull and fencing.




Bring home the spirit of the rodeo with these hand-painted, realistically sculpted sets in miniature scale. CollectiBulls 3 Piece Set includes Loco Louie, Jalapeno and Rollercoaster.

Also available individually.