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Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola

Includes two stalls with mats and built-in feed bins, sliding doors, hay loft, saddle and bridle rack and cross tie area. Made of natural wood. Assembled barn measures 30.5"L x 21"H x 18.5"D. Assembly required

(Horses and accessories not included)


Wood Stable

Authentic wood two stall stable fits both Traditional and Classics Series horses. Features swinging barn doors, chain stall guards and two feed bins to fit two horses. Assembly required.Includes two feed bins, two chain stall guards, natural wood, and swinging doors. Fits two Traditional or Classics Series horses 11.625"L x 3.5"W x 11.25"H Assembly required

(Horses and other accessories not included)


Painted Deluxe Two Stall Barn

This beautiful red barn is the perfect home for model horses! Features two spacious stalls with functional Dutch doors in the back. Sliding doors and a removable roof for easy access! Made of natural wood. Fits two Traditional Series horses. Assembled barn measures 21""L x 16.75""W x 16.5""H - Assembly required

(Horses and accessories not included)


Dually Truck

Featuring rolling, rubber-like wheels and front wheels that turn with the steering wheel. Working parts include the hood, tailgate, and doors!

(Horses and accessories not included)



2-Horse Trailer

Features like stalls seperated by a divider, padded rear chains, two back doors with Dutch openings, four working tires, a side door, textured opening ramp.

(Horses and accessories not included)