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Tradtional Accessories

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Breyer Traditional Accessories



Ashley -Junior Rider

She comes with removable hair bows, riding chaps, breeches, outerwear vest and riding helmet. A Breyer model horse can be tacked up with special leg wraps and an eye-catching satin-trimmed, quilted saddle pad, which are also included.

(Horse, saddle & bridle not included)


Austin - Cowboy

This fully articulated cowpuncher is ready to rodeo! Smartly dressed in jeans with black chaps, black cowboy hat, boots and yellow shirt.


Megan - Dressage Rider

Megan is a fully articulated dressage rider who wears formal black coat with tails and yellow shadbelly vest, white ratcatcher shirt, top hat, white breeches and black boots.


Brenda - Show Jumper

Brenda is fully articulated and dressed in the traditional scarlet coat bearing the United States Equestrian Team crest, black velvet hunt cap, light-colored breeches and black boots of international riders.

(Horse & tack not included)


Laura - Veterinarian

Fully articulated and comes with a vet bag, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, bandages, and preventive medicine tub of Pfizer Strongid C.



Taylor - Western Rider

Fully articulated and accessorized with the latest in cowgirl chic!

(Horse & tack not included)


Fully articulated 8" farrier figure comes with anvil, hammer, file, nippers, and set of horseshoes.



Hot Colored Nylon Halters

Includes: 3 halters & matching lead ropes in purple, teal & pink

(Horse not included)









Halter w/Lead

(Horse not included)

Brick Wall Jump

(Horse, figure and accessories not included)






Brush Box Jump

(Horse, figure and accessories not included)


Show Jumping Oxer








Hunter Roll Top Jump


Cavaletti Set

(Horse, figure and accessories not included)












Breyer Dressage Arena

Includes wooden four corners, eight markers, twelve rails and a dressage booklet.

(Horse, figure and accessories not included)


Dressage Bridle

(Horse not included)







Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle

(Horse not included)

English Show Bridle

(Horse not included)




Hunter/Jumper Bridle

(Horse, saddle, and martingale are sold separately)









Devon Hunt Seat Saddle

(Horse not included)









English Riding Accessory Set

Contains: show saddle pad, standing martingale, open front jumping boots, rubber bell boots and fly bonnet

(Horse, saddle, and bridle are sold separately)






English Pad & Polos

Set includes purple, green, and pink matching saddle pads and polo wraps.


Stock Show Halter w/Lead

(Horse not included)

Western Show Bridle

(Horse, Western Saddle & Saddle Pad)


Western Riding Set

Includes a saddle, bosal bridle, saddlebags, bedroll and canteen.

(Horse not included)


Cimmeron Western Pleasure Saddle

(Horse & bridle not included)






Parade Saddle Set

(Horse Not Included)








Metal Livestock Corral

(Horse & accessories not included)






Wood Corral

(Barn, horses, riders and accessories not included.)





Wood Saddle Stand






Rambo Blanket

(Horse not included)






Quilted Blanket & Hood Set

(Horse not included)








Newmarket Blanket

(Horse not included)




Blanket and Shipping Boots - Pink

(Horse not included)











Summer Turnout Set

Includes: Flysheet, spray and flymask, and toy fly.

(Horse not included)


Shipping Set

Includes a shipping halter with padded head bumper, lead rope, and 4 shipping boots.

(Horse not included)

Deluxe Tack Box

Features a removable tray and brass like hardware.





Stable Cleaning Set

Includes broom, shovel, pitchfork, muck bucket, and wheelbarrow. Also includes imitation manure for the most realistic horse stall ever!







Stable Feed Set

Includes aluminum water trough, hay bale and hay net, feed bucket, feedbag, bag of feed and feed scoop

(Horse and barn not included)





Grooming Kit

Includes hardwood grooming box, sweat scraper, curry comb, hoof pick, face brush, body brush, hoof polish, electric clippers, and mud scraper.

(Horse & hay bale not included)


Winners Circle Set

First, Second and third place ribbons, rose sash, trophy, champion horse blanket and varsity jacket for the rider. (Horse, rider and bridle not included)





Backcountry Camping Set

Includes colorful, domed canvas tent with roll-up door and screened roll-up windows, a coordinating sleeping bag and a blanket for your horse!

(Horse, rider, deer & other accessories not included)

Colorful Blanket Assorted Colors

English Riding Set in Hot Colors

(Horse not included)

Western Riding Set in Hot Colors